I'm Debs Gerrard 

Conductor of the Right Brain

My Mission

As a truly hybrid Creative Director I strive to not only guide creatives in their thinking, but to inspire and enable UX teams, interaction designers, product designers, PR consultants and clients to use their right brain. The unique blend of innovation, product and storytelling experience, allows me to drive original thinking from both a process point of view and when generating ideas.


   After writing the creative process section of the KBS Albion OS , I recently rewrote the ‘Creative Development Process’ module of the IPA’s revamped foundation certificate (a rite of passage for everyone entering our industry).


   I’ve been part of building, launching and scaling some of the most innovative businesses of the last decade for which there is no set formula. So I’ve experimented with ways to generate, amplify and even sell ideas - some have stuck, some were a dog's dinner (but a dog has got to eat right?!).


   Either way, I believe experimentation is imperative in a creative role...


...that, and sponging.


   My recent sponging activity was interviewing chefs, curators and even cheese makers to broaden my knowledge of creative processes outside the tech & ad industry.


   New business and client relationships are also an important part of what I do. I’ve lead and won some of the agencies top clients and I’ve pioneered a new creative development process that puts stakeholders at its heart.


   Over the years my work has picked up at almost every industry award show and in 2014 I was a winner in Campaign Faces to watch and most recently a winner in Creative Equals future leaders #CEFutureLeaders.



Studying the art of the right brain


The art of creativity in business intrigues me. So I began interviewing chefs, artists, curators and even cheese makers to see what learning’s I could take from them and apply to our industry.

Right brain at work


Day to day I lead, inspire and design the process that allows a multidisciplinary skill set – including UX, interactive design, art directors, copywriters, product designers and PR consults – to build, launch and scale some of the most innovative business of the last decade.

Right brain sharing


After writing the creative process section of the KBS Albion OS, I spend six months rewriting and developing the ‘Creative Development Process’ module of the IPA’s revamped foundation certificate which has seen more than 10,000 people passing the exam since its inception in 2003.


I'm an ongoing mentor with the shesays Who's your Momma? team.


I'm also a mentor for The Startup Kitchen for young ambitious founders.

My right brain out

of hours


I'm a keen illustrator and artist and always have a set of projects on the go. 


Current project: The Poo People  Getting kids to eat 5+ a day.