The Creative Process

Agencies should rank amongst the most creative places on the planet but for many it’s a combination of execution and coloured beanbags.  Most creative departments in our industry are not fit for purpose and the majority bemoan the need to balance commercial reality with creative ambition. I've been looking deeper into the creative process of other successful creative businesses where their ability to be genuinely creative is life and death to see what we can learn.  

James Lowe is the founder of MIcheline starred restaurant Lyle's. The concept is to reflect the complexity of human emotion and in doing so he breaks almost all traditional restaurant processes.

"The challenge with my staff is to break down the rules they know and build them up again to work in a completely different way."

Elliot Dear has been making films since he was a kid. When he was older he continued this passion shooting micro-budget music videos for bands in his spare time. Now he gets paid to do it and is an award winning Director.



"I think my success is down to ambition that borders on delusion."

Paul Hedge is founder of Hales gallery, one of the top contempoary galleries in both London and New York. 

“If you want to draw an elephant, draw a giraffe and then gradually change it into an elephant - you’ll get a much more interesting elephant. I apply this logic to all sorts of things in my life."

James Lowe spent a lot of time in hospital as a child so drawing became his go-to entertainment. At aged 15 he began emphatically oil painting and was so in love with the idea of being a painter he never put his brush down. 

“I have ‘silent sessions’ where a mix of tutors and students stand in front of your work and discuss it for an hour. You have to stay in complete silence."

Two years ago Patrick ditched a career in direct sales to become a cheese maker successor. He’s now successfully running a store in Bern Switzerland and is happier than he’s ever been. 

“I think you kill creativity by not giving your staff the freedom to be creative and make their own decision."

Alice Dalton's job is to lead and inspire a team to create workspaces designed specifically to encourage productivity for other organisations. 

"Take risks! I'm currently putting a ramp through an office for a job - it's either going to be my proudest experiment or my stupidest. "

Steve realized being a comedian was for him when he read out a letter at his mum’s 60th and had his uncle crying with laughter. He’s now self taught his way to winning amateur competitions.

"It’s important to be able to admit that if a show doesn’t go well it’s your fault, not the audiences. "