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A brand new digital technique combined with a series of OK Go pop-up gigs, helps Cuervo spread the word to Brazil about their new ice cold serve. Awarded in most Contagious.

Brief: "There’s good potential in the Brazilian market so we want to enter it next year."

Business needs:


We have nowhere near as much money as the like of Johnny Walker (also entering that market).


We need to establish sales in bars from day one to convince the trade to get behind us.


We need to punch way above our weight to encourage investment from distributors in Latin America.


We need to set up a sustainable marketing approach that can carry on after launch and maximise social.

Customer needs:


18-30 year olds still proudly Brazilian were the first generation in Brazil to really engage with more global entertainment but still felt on the outside of that. 


Digital and social channels were in massive growth but can only amplify - they don’t fulfil the cultural desire for physical social interactions.


Shared experiences are what drives them.


Events giving exposure to global culture (concerts etc) are relatively rare and remain expensive.

What we wanted the platform to: 


Created a disproportionately big bang that would interrupt popular culture (and make the brand feel of scale and desirable).


Make the brand feel physically present in key cities and able to mobilise people and sales in bars.


Capture sustainable relationships with customers that could be tapped into for ongoing communications.


Not only deliver on the Brazilians desire to engage with global culture but to be proud of being part of a global ‘first’.