Thomas Cook: Modernising Package Holiday Marketing 

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The 175-year-old travel agent Thomas Cook, needed help to transform their marketing to meet the needs of both their customers and their business in the modern era.


Before being appointed by Thomas Cook, they were still running separate marketing activity in each region, and sometimes in each channel. They spent heavily on broadcast TV during the peak booking period in January, and digital marketing was siloed in the e-commerce team, focussed only on driving website traffic.


So we decided to tackle this by looking towards a very different kind of marketing, shaking up what they did and how they did it. We partnered with them to help progressively restructure their marketing approach, adopt agile ways of working, and build a modern marketing model across every European market.

#1 Spotify charts   #7 Shazam charts   #13 UK iTunes charts


We commissioned two tracks partnering with Sony to launch the most successful one. This partnership funded additional content to go alongside our campaign – effectively a paid for, freely distributed 4 minute branded content piece you can watch here


It drove record sales, increasing new customer records by 73%, growing their digital market share by 31% and mentions on social media channels increased by 451%.


But more importantly it started to give meaning and relevance back to the brand, and pride back to Thomas Cook’s staff through an empowering new purpose: ‘Leave it to us, you’re on holiday’.



Year 2


In year 2 we took a bold leap, developing not just a new campaign, but a new marketing model, and a system to allow the local markets to create exactly the marketing they needed to suit their local market conditions.















Over a two month period we worked closely with their marketing leadership to not write ads, but develop a creative platform, that could be systemised to meet every one of their known marketing requirements, and that was designed to be native to digital channels (but could flex to TV and press too). Read more here


We then ran a two week asset capture shoot at two Thomas Cook hotels. Even as we were still shooting we began the work of loading all of these assets into an online tool that meant they could be easily pulled together into Facebook ads, GIFs, Boomerangs, or even TV ads.

We built the system with an abundance of assets for the markets to run always-on activity throughout the year, and has enough flexibility that they can respond quickly to changing market conditions or business needs.